Madden NFL 16 Added to the EA Access Vault

Really cool news coming out of the EA camp. Today, they’ve added Madden NFL 16 to their extensive EA Access Vault.  EA Access is a $4.99 monthly subscription service that allows gamers to play a lot EA’s biggest titles as much as they want, on XBOX One.  Joining the Vault family is the most advanced game of Madden, in recent history.

Madden NFL 16 invites players to be the playmaker both on and off the field. With new tools for quarterbacks, receivers and defenders, players have the ability to make game-changing plays on both sides of the ball. Quarterbacks boast new pass types and body-relative throws, while receivers can play the pass in numerous ways to either maximize yardage, secure the catch or try and wrestle the ball away from an opportunistic defender. Defenders also have new tricks up their sleeves, and can choose to either play the ball to try and make an interception, or play the receiver to attempt to dislodge the pass or make an immediate tackle.

Off the field, Draft Champions** puts players in the driver’s seat to create their own squad of elite playmakers composed of both current NFL players and all-time legends. Players can put these drafted teams to the test by entering into competition against the CPU or other drafted players in an attempt to prove which squad is superior.

I play Madden NFL 16 about 4 times a week and I can tell you it’s definitely worth it if you’re a football fan.  When it first came out, it had its problems.  However, after a lot of listening to the fans and constant updates, they’ve proven they can make up from their mistakes.  Furthermore, they have lots of monthly tournaments and updates that keep the game fun and fresh.

Madden NFL 16 is available now on EA Access.

Will you be playing?

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