Making Of Video for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Provides Much-Needed Backstory

After Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, many (including myself) thought it was the end of the Uncharted series.  That is, until Sony stunned the gaming world with The Lost Legacy.  The unanswered question since then has been, “Why Chloe?  Why Nadine?”.  Before Uncharted: The Lost Legacy debuts exclusively on Playstation 4, Naughty Dog decided to answer these questions and more in a “Making Of” video!

If all goes well for The Lost Legacy, Naughty Dog may be inclined to continue with the duo of Chloe and Nadine in a new Uncharted series.  So, hearing what the motivation is for each character is a nice step in selling this brand-new Uncharted storyline.  

Another good selling point was when one of the developers explained that their initial goal was to make The Lost Legacy a smaller version of the Uncharted games, we have come to love, but after building story arcs it became apparent that they needed the time to actually make it into a full game.  That kind of philosophy means that no matter what characters they put in front of us, in the future, they’ll make sure it’s a complete Uncharted game.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy releases August 22, 2017 on PS4!