Super Mario Maker Heading To 3DS

Nintendo announced that Mario Maker is heading to 3DS on December 2nd this year.

The game will come with 100 pre-built courses, and you will be able to browse some WiiU made levels. Not all WiiU levels will be playable on 3DS, and you also won’t be able to search by Course ID. In fact the only real way to share levels will be via wifi or street pass. There will be no social features to share things otherwise between 3DS users.

Most of the other features will still be in the game, except for the “mystery mushroom” as it was a WiiU exclusive. You can still join the 100 Mario Challenge, which allows you to beat a certain set of levels while only using 100 Mario live, and complete other random levels constantly. The whole basis of the game is to be random to keep you playing.

Players can also connect via a wireless direct connection to team up and build levels together.

Our Take: Personally I was pumped when I saw this announcement and wanted to run out and buy it right then and there. Then I read more about it, so I can tell you guys, and my enthusiasm was entirely killed. They took the whole purpose of the game and ripped it out. There are no social features and their reasoning for “personal interactions” is totally bogus. I don’t see why we can’t just have a 3DS community to share with.

Restricting some content/levels from 3DS was expected, I don’t mind that. It’s the simple fact that they took what is purely a social game and made it not a social game. Maybe in future updates we will get those features.