Mario Tennis Aces Heads to Nintendo Switch Early With the Pre-launch Tournament

Between 6PM PT June 1st to 11:59PM PT June 3rd you will be able to hop online and compete in a free, that’s right FREE, pre-launch tournament for Mario Tennis Aces, as part of the Mario Tennis Aces demo. This will give you plenty of time to practice your Trick Shots before the game launches for Nintendo Switch on June 22.

Simply download the free software from Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch between May 24 and the start of the tournament. Once you join the tournament between June 1 and June 3, you’ll have a choice between four main playable characters (Mario, Peach, Yoshi or Bowser) and compete in a series of online multiplayer matches. The winners of each match will earn points based on their performance, with five additional characters to unlock by gaining enough points. They aren’t saying who the additional characters are but I’ve got money on Luigi & Donkey Kong as some of the unlockables.

Or if you’re like me and don’t wanna get whupped by some random digital “Roger Federer” or “Serena Williams” you can play it safe against a computer controlled opponent in offline singles play. No matter which way you play the game, by playing the demo you can unlock Mario’s classic outfit in the full game once it launches in June.

Mario Tennis Aces launches June 22, 2018 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.  The demo/tournament opens 6PM PT on June 1st and runs until June 3rd.