Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 And 2 Heading To PS4, Xbox One

Both games are hitting PS4, Xbox One, and PC on Tuesday July 26th. You can buy each title for $39.99, or get them in a bundle for $59.99. Not bad considering the first game still has a second hand value of more than $30 anyways.

This information came during the Marvel games panel during San Diego Comic Con 2016. The games will be basically the same as you remember, but there are some improvements to UI, visuals, and performance. Otherwise core mechanics and story are all identical to the previous releases.

The first game released back in 2006 and remains one of the best superhero titles in the video game universe. You can create a team from a huge assortment of Marvel heroes and then power through hundreds of enemies. The games brought a cast of over 140 Marvel characters together. The second game covered Marvel’s Civil War story, which also seemed to inspire the latest Captain America movie storyline.

When asked if this means more Ultimate Alliance was coming, Marvel’s director stated that “anything is possible.” We take that as a if we buy enough copies, then yeah more is coming.

It is unclear if Activision is publishing the titles or has any involvement with the franchise. The games have been removed from their site, and their licenses expired not too long ago.