Marvel’s Avengers Game Confirmed for Square Enix E3 2019 Presentation

Square Enix Live E3 2019 presentation just got a lot more interesting!  The publisher has just confirmed that they’ll finally be revealing their Marvel’s Avengers game.  More within…

At long last, it’s finally on its way!

Two years ago, Square Enix hosted a stream to reveal that they had struck a deal with Marvel to produce an Avengers game, with the help of Crystal Dynamics (Tomb Raider series).  After that announcement, details on the project became non-existent.  Fans, including ourselves, figured we’d get more information during Square Enix‘s E3 2018 presentation, only to be left disappointed.

Thankfully, we’re about to get the 411 on all things Marvel’s Avengers soon, as Square Enix has just announced plans to deliver a Worldwide Reveal, during their E3 2019 presentation!

In our Road to E3 2019: What to Expect group article, we talked about how Square Enix needed to show both Final Fantasy VII Remake and Marvel’s Avengers to have a successful E3 2019.  Looks like we’re getting both and it has me, and the rest of the gaming community, beyond excited.

Square Enix Live E3 2019 presentation begins June 10, 2019 at 6pm PT.

Stay tuned for more coverage of E3 2019!

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