Master of Orion Reboot Developer’s Diary Part 1

For 12 years, people have waited for another Master of Orion game to come out.  After Wargaming bought the rights a couple years ago, a reboot has been in development.  Wargaming brought in a combination of developers from the original game and the Wargaming team to create an all new Master of Orion experience.  

From what we can tell, the graphics are far more superior than it’s predecessor.  In fact, the motion capturing looks to be leaps and bounds better.  Plus, fans of the series will finally get in depth backstories on their favorite races.

The video diary shows an excited and passionate team, motivated to show what they have developed so far.  Check back for more entries, as they come.

There is no release date announced, yet.

What do you think of the Master of Orion reboot?