McDonalds Is About To Become Pokestops

According to a leak found within the games source code in Asia, McDonalds will be teaming up with Pokemon Go to create the first chain of sponsored pokestops.

The report suggests that an “unidentified asian country” will see every McDonalds become a poke stop due to a partnership between Niantic and McDonalds. The country is most likely Japan as the game has yet to be released in the region, but it could very well land eslewhere for some reason.

This is just another way for the developer to bring in money for the free to play title which is currently making millions per day.

Personally I thought it was only a matter of time as businesses were already jumping on board with the idea. Every time a “lure” is placed, pokestops, or gym’s pop up near a business it has brought in crowds to the area. Even historic locations are seeing an influx of people due to the game. Companies can then either complain about the game, or capatlize on it.

I personally would go with option two and the more apparent the opportunity became, the more obvious it became that companies would begin paying the developers to purposely put a location near them.

For those that don’t know, Pokestop are public areas within the game that are highlighted for players. You then have to physically go to the location and press an icon in the game, this then grants you a reward such as pokeballs, eggs, or other rewards. You can revisit the location multiple times throughout the day as well. Players can then enhance these locations with “lure moduals” which will attract more Pokemon to the area, and of course more people as they try to catch the pokemon.

Gym’s would probably be a bit more costly to business because these are constant battles between players, with teams trying to remain at the top.

As for what these deals entail is still up in the air. There is a possibility the McDonalds agreement could go to other countries, and who knows what exactly it will offer and for how long. Niantic already mentioned that further deals with other companies are already being signed, and further announcements will come in time.

The craze has become massive and many small businesses are already seeing the positive side of increased crowds.

Let us know in the comments what companies you hope sign up for the program to become pokestops.