Meet on The Quad for the Two Point Campus Launch Trailer

Two Point Campus brings gamers back-to-school next week, but ahead of it’s release, players can enjoy one final trailer.

If you haven’t decided yet on whether or not you want to play the new University/College sim management game, Two Point Campus, perhaps this launch trailer is what you need to seal the deal.

You can throw your own parties in Two Point Campus™, complete with laser lights, over-flowing red cups, and some killer tunes, it’s sure to keep your students happy – or at least distracted. And if a typical student shindig isn’t enough, as administrator of your very own campus, you have the power to schedule live gigs from definitely 100% real bands like Helium Baboon, Alchemical Friendship, or Boogie Knights. So, build yourself a Student Union and get the party started, and yes, the floor is supposed to be sticky.


Maybe you want to take things a little slower? Hopefully not too slow since the local Speed-Walking Club is looking for new recruits. Clubs are the perfect way to avoid thinking about your studies, whether it’s powerwalking around campus, scoring some mid-lecture Zs with the Power-Napping Club, or taking up gardening in the Nature Club. Feel the earth beneath your feet, the sun on your face and the wind… wherever it is you feel that.


Two Point Campus is a charming university management simulator that lets you live out your dreams of running your very own campus environment – complete with wild and wacky courses like spell-casting wizardry, dragon-slaying knight school, or top-secret spy school.

Two Point Campus launches for PlayStation 4|5, Xbox consoles (via Gamepass), Nintendo Switch, and PCs on August 9, 2022.

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