MegaBytes: COD Battle Royale, Kingdom Hearts, And More!


The One Key Thing About Fortnite: It’s free 

Now that Battle Royale style games has made two developers a boatload of money, everyone else seems to be jumping in the wagon. I’m sure E3 will come and at least three major titles will introduce some type of Battle Royale mode. The problem is that publishers have already figured out that a small entry price means higher long term revenue. Fortnite is free, yet it’s making Epic tons of money with small 10 dollar purchases.

EA said their games are a “service” now and have been profiting off EA Access for a while now, so why are we seeing games like the next Call of Duty that lack core features, and act as an expansion, still cost a full $60 dollars? People didn’t start playing Fortnite because it was a good game, they played because it was free. Does every game need to be free? No, but a $40 dollar price point would be helpful.

Black Ops Missing Single Player Is About Timing

I don’t mind that Activision stripped Call of Duty of a proper single player campaign. Hell, half the campaigns have been boring since MW2 released, the only exception being Black Ops titles. And yet the one-time Activision decides to skip the campaign it has to be a Black Ops title…. Why didn’t we skip it for Infinite Warfare or something instead? Someone in the office isn’t thinking because we are getting MW2 without multiplayer, and Black Ops without a campaign…It’s so backwards!

Kingdom Hearts 3 Is Finally (Actually) Happening

I can’t believe it, KH3 is finally arriving and it might be soon! All the recent gameplay previews claim that it totally lives up  to the hype the game has created over the years, and by E3 we should know when the game is releasing. My bet is it will be a Fall title. It’s probably the only title that can compete with RockStar’s Red Dead Redemption.

Ubisoft’s Secret

Ubisoft is trying to pretend we don’t know Splinter Cell is coming. According to them a third title (besides The Division 2 and The Crew 2) will be announced at E3, I mean…. I’m pretty sure my grandma knows by now. But I’m still beyond excited! 

Sony Says PS4 Is Near The End

Sony noted that the PS4 sales are going to start declining so investors don’t freak out about it. However this means something new is in the pipes and Sony is already hinting at a Nintendo Switch style hybrid console. VR sales are also slumping, so it will be interesting to see where they go from here. With Vita being a total failure, they will have to find some type of ground to stand in.



Kojima Keeps Hinting at a New Death Stranding Trailer for E3

Damnit Kojima! Stop teasing me!