Metal Gear Announcement Set For Wednesday

The Kojima social pages have updated across the board with the image above. It all links back to the Metal Gear Website where a count down timer is playing until Wednsday morning (6AM Pacific) and states some sort of announcement is coming.

Along with the page is a healthy Kojima troll of making you think you can bypass all this time by clicking on the phantom cigar. The song plays, the countdown timer goes to zero….and error! It doesn’t work! Instead we all shake our fists in the air!

There are probably little hints that will come more clear until then, but we will keep you updated if anything major comes of it!

In the meantime, what could it be? Well Kojima has made it clear that he will utilize this spotlight to highlight anything. Last time he utilized it to announce a new line of Metal Gear clothing, but the good news is a new line was just revealed a short while ago so hopefully that is ruled out.

What it could be is the long awaited release date of Metal Gear Solid V! The website has 2015 on it, and Kojima said it was a 2015 title, we just need further specific details! GDC is this week as well, so perhaps we will get even more than that.