Metal Gear Online Gets Detailed With New Trailer

The video was shown off during one of the presentations at TGS this week and it is 11 minutes of details about the upcoming online game. The game will include 3 classes: the scout, the enforcer, and the infiltrator. They also talk about various game modes and styles of play that adapt to you. In one game mode you have a bounty based on how well you are doing, but if you get fultoned out then all your tickets that counted towards winning the game get reset. This would make people want to try harder to stealth and fulton people instead of shooting them.

They also note that Ocelot and Snake can be played as well and each one has unique perks. Ocelot can dual wield weapons, while Snake can rocket people with his new arm.

They also announced that servers for MGO will go live on October 6th!

The game offers similar mechanics, if not identical, to MGSV’s core game with the same tech and moves. You can even fulton enemies out of combat! It is also noted that you can customize the character you made at the beginning of MGSV, or you can make a new one entirely from scratch.

Let us know, are you excited to play MGO?!