Metal Gear Solid V Definitive Edition Is Official

A short while ago we had a leak on Amazon that a “definitive edition” of Metal Gear Solid V (MGSV), was going to release. Turns out the leak was true, again, but all the stuff we hoped for is not included.

What you do get in the package is both MGS Ground Zeroes and MGS: The Phantom Pain. Thus the reason it is titled MGSV Definitive Edition and doesn’t utilize one of the subtitles. Along with the game you will get all the DLC that has released. The game will retail for $49.99 on PS4, Steam, and Xbox One.

Below is all the content that is included in case you didn’t know MGSV even had DLC.

Our take…. this is disapointing to say the very least. We had high hopes that a re-release would perhaps add some of the “missing content” to the game, or some other cool bonuses making it worthwhile to purchase again and it adds nothing. I don’t personally play the game online so the DLC isn’t too enticing to me either way. I also collect all things Metal Gear and this isn’t coming with anything particular special making me want to grab it like previous re-releases did. There is just nothing in it for anyone that already owns the game. I guess we got our hopes up a bit too high.

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