Metal Gear Solid Remake is Coming Says Sources, Exclusive to PS5 & PC

It’s video game rumor season, and the latest makes it look like the original Metal Gear Solid is getting a full remake for the PlayStation 5.

For years, gamers have wanted a true remake of the cult classic Metal Gear Solid 1. This game was remade by Silicon Knights in 2004 exclusively for the Nintendo Gamecube. The problem is when gamers say remake now…they want the experience to be to have the soul of the original…but the graphics and playability of next-gen technology.

In a recent rumor, reported by RedGamingTech, a source has told him that he is “100 percent certain” the Metal Gear Solid remake is coming to life and will be a PS5 and PC exclusive. The main question is why should we believe RedGamingTech? Well, RGT has reported on many hardware rumors in the past and is building his sources in the games industry.

He also went on to ask his source “When you say remake do you me a port?”, that is when his source replied, “No not a port, a mean a full remake and a good one at that.” If this rumor is true, there might be some truth to the rumor that Sony/Playstation is looking to either buy certain Konami IP’s or Konami in-general.

This would be huge news for Playstation fans and from someone that is a huge Metal Gear Solid fan, I can say I am so excited to see this if this rumor is true. Below you can watch the full segment, though it is said this game is in development, there was no release date or development information mentioned as of yet. For more gaming news, check back here at Cinelinx!


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