Microsoft Adds NFL Logos to Xbox One Controller Design Lab

One of the coolest things that Microsoft has done for their Xbox One users is allow them to create a controller completely customized to their specifications.  Usually this means shoveling out roughly $70+ for a controller that’s black with gold buttons, if you’re a baller.  Today, Microsoft has announced that NFL fans can get in on the action by creating Xbox One controllers decked out in their favorite NFL team’s logo.

For instance, mine would look like this…if I had an Xbox one…which I do not…but Go Texans


These NFL logos are available to add to an Xbox One controller now, by clicking here.

Before you do that, though, here are the drawbacks.  For one, the controller will cost, at minimum, $94.99.  That is severely overpriced for a controller.  Then, it gets even worse when you realize that you cannot change anything about this controller.  You read right.  Nothing but the addition of rubber pads (for an extra $5.99) is customizable.  Sure, you can select the template for where the logo will appear, but that’s about it.  Buttons will remain black, the background will stay white, but you’ll have that NFL logo and be down $100 for it.

Then again, do die-hard NFL fans ever let these piddly things stop them from showing their Team Pride?  The answer is an emphatic, NO.