Microsoft Announces Limited Edition Halo 5 Soundtrack

Halo 5 release October 27th, but 3 days later will be the release of the official soundtrack. Microsoft announced that the sound track will come in digital versions, CD, and vinyl with one special edition bundle.

You can listen to the full soundtrack online right here!

The different options to buy it include:

-The digital version, up for pre-order on Amazon, which will cost $15.99. All pre-orders will get instant access to 5 songs right away.

-Standard edition which will cost $24.99, but this one comes with a CD and a download card for digital versions of the songs.

-Clear Vinyl that will cost $24.99. This one is exclusive to Hastings and has a limited run of 1000 copies. This version also comes with a download card for digital versions of the songs.

-Lastly a Limited Edition version that will cost $49.99. This version includes the CD, digital versions, and vinyl edition of the soundtrack. It comes with 2 discs for special content, and a double vinyl. The set also includes a Blu-ray disc filled with behind the scenes content, and even the score sheet to “Jameson Locke” as recorded in studio. Of course this bundle also includes a digital download card as well.

A good majority of the music for Halo 5 was composed by Kazuma Jinnouchi which had also worked on MGS4. 

The game releases October 27th, with the soundtrack releasing October 30th.