Microsoft Officially Announces the Xbox Series S With $299 Price Tag

The worst kept secret in gaming has finally been announced. After a night of leaks, Microsoft realized there was no putting the toothpaste back in the tube and decided now was as good as ever to announce their low-cost next-gen console alternative the Xbox Series S.

The announcement comes off the heels of a leak by Brad Sams who leaked the Xbox Series S, as well as its price and the price of the Xbox Series X ($499). As you can see from the tweet, also included in the announcement was confirmation that the price will indeed be $299. That’s a pretty reasonable price for a next-gen console, even if it’s only a third of the power compared to the Xbox Series X.

However, what isn’t included is a confirmation that the Xbox Series X will be priced at $499. Although, his information is looking pretty sound, at the moment. Also not included was the release date for either version of the console. That said, Windows Central is reporting that sources have circled November 10, 2020 on their calendars as the official release date. When Microsoft confirms both of these pieces of information we’ll have it here.

As it stands now, even at a third of the power and with a strange design that the internet is ripping them for, the Xbox Series S does feature tremendous value. With times being tough economically during this pandemic, having a next-gen console at $299 is a nice change of pace. Furthermore, Microsoft will be offering financing plans with Xbox All Access that will see players have the option of paying off their new console for $25/month.

Expect more news on the Xbox Series X and S, as well as a rebuttal from Sony on the PlayStation 5 in the coming weeks. As soon as the news drops, we’ll have it here.

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