Minecraft Will Be Cross Platform For Everything But PlayStation

During the Microsoft Xbox E3 2017 press conference, Mojang came on stage to make a few announcements. Their biggest one being cross-platform play “between all devices” that access Minecraft. The initial video only noted “consoles” as part of the devices, but only a slight hint of Nintendo was present.

After further details were revealed by the Mojang Blog, it seems everything but PlayStation, the original PC edition, and WiiU will be included. According to the release notes, the original PC edition (Java) will still be different, so you will need to get the actual Windows 10 edition, or Xbox edition, to particpate.

All DLC that is purchased on any of the editions is also cross play with all other editions.

They also revealed a 4K high resolution content pack that will be exclusive to the Xbox One X, you can check it out below.