Mini-Contra Games Launching This Holiday Season

Konami has partnered up with MyArcade to bring a pair of mini-machines featuring the iconic shooter, Contra, to gamers this holiday season. Come inside to learn more!

Because you’ve always wanted to carry around your frustrations in your pocket, later this year you’ll be able to enjoy the original Contra in the palm of your hands! MyArcade and Konami have announced their working together on a Pocket Player and Micro Player machine that will feature the classic title.

My Arcade announced today a line of collectibles featuring Konami’s run-and-gun icon, Contra, created in partnership with Konami Cross Media NY, Inc. The initial line-up will include the compact desktop Micro Player and handheld Pocket Player, each slated to launch this holiday season.

The Contra Pocket Player and Micro Player will each feature the game’s signature co-op play mode. Players can link two of the same devices to fend off alien invasion cooperatively, made possible with My Arcade’s new CO-VS technology. The Micro Player will feature the original arcade version of Contra while the Pocket Player will include original arcade versions of Contra and Super C. These new products will allow fans to celebrate their passion for the iconic title and reignite the adrenaline with elite commandos Bill Rizer and Lance Bean in compact, playable form.

The machines will arrive just in time for the holidays this year, so you can get your list started early!