MLB & Sony Interactive Agree to Multi-Year, Multi-Platform Partnership Extension

MLB, MLBPA, Sony Interactive, and San Diego Studio announced that they have extended their relationship to create more MLB the Show video games. However, it won’t just be for PlayStation. More within…

The winds of change are blowing. We’re gradually moving to a day beyond exclusive titles, as more and more companies are beginning to work together and share their content with each other. As is evident with Microsoft implanting Xbox Live onto Nintendo Switch and the Cloud-based partnership between Microsoft and Sony.

Now, it’s looking like games will soon be available on every avenue. The latest agreement between MLB and Sony is evidence of that. The two agreed to a multi-year extension to allow San Diego Studio the opportunity to continue producing MLB the Show games. However, this is extension includes a clause to add production for multiple platforms for the first time.

By 2021, MLB the Show will finally be available on Xbox and Nintendo platforms.

While it’s not as monumental as Spider-man, God of War, or The Last of Us Part II would be, it shows that change is happening and happening fast. In fact, MLB the Show won’t even be the only “PS4 exclusive” becoming available to other consoles in 2021. Even Square Enix‘s Final Fantasy VII Remake has been revealed to be timed-exclusive, and will be available in March of 2021.

Timed-exclusives may become the new standard, but regardless this is becoming an era of shared experiences and it’s good that the big three are finally working together to allow gamers to play the games they want to play, where they want to play it.