Mobile Gaming Accounts For 19 Percent Of Total Gaming

According to the recent report, people age 13 and up play video games an average of 6 hours a week. This is a 13 percent increase from 5.6 hours in previous years. 

The biggest increase however is coming from tablet gaming. The survey reports that mobile gaming accounts for 19 percent of that time, an increase from 9 percent in previous years. 9 percent of that was from tablets, which is up from 4 percent, and the rest is Mobile gaming which has also increased by 1 percent. Over 50 percent of all “hardcore gamers” which are console and PC gamers are now stating they also play mobile games. This is an increase from 46 percent in previous years. 

Console gamers still account for most of the time spent gaming as seventh generation consoles (PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii) made up 37 percent of the time spent game. This is a decrease by 3 percent, but the added next generation consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) made that up with a 4 percent share. 

PC Gaming dropps to 33 percent (from 39 percent) and dedicated handheld gaming stayed the same at 6 percent. 

When speaking about the future of gaming Nielson reported “With these 8th generation consoles still in their infancy, in addition to up-and-coming platforms such as microconsoles and cloud gaming gaining momentum, gaming time is poised to continue evolving moving forward.” 

64 percent of the people surveyed played video games at some point, which is about what it has been in years past. 

Source: USAToday