Monster Hunter Generations Gets New Trailer and Demo

The new trailer was released during Nintendo’s Treehouse Live Day 2 stream at E3 2016. It features some of the best beasts the game has seen, Deviant monsters.

These are monsters that have survived previous hunter encounters, mutating and evolving into the greatest threats yet with new fearsome looks, unpredictable behaviors and unexpected abilities. These challengers, such as the Dreadking Rathalos and the Thunderlord Zinogre, yield parts to craft incredibly powerful and unique gear; which become worthy rewards for the most skilled hunters.

Oh and there is a downloadable demo that is hitting 3DS June 30th. It features 3 monsters, one of which is a fan favorite in the franchise.

Players are encouraged to join up with others and start with the newly introduced Great Maccao, then attempt to face the beguiling new owl-like monster Malfestio, all before truly testing their mettle against the fan-favorite Nargacuga.

The demo will hit the Nintendo eShop on June 30th but there are a couple ways to get it early. First some select fans will be sent a download code via email to download the demo today. Another option is to head to the Humble Bundle’s E3 2016 Digital Ticket, which includes the demo as part of the bundle. Currently you have to pay $4 more than the average to unlock the tier involving the demo. Currently the average price is $5 so you will need to pay at least $9 for the bundle.

The game itself will be releasing on July 15, 2016.