More Amazing Exclusive Playstation PoP’s are Coming to Gamestop

Over the last few months, more exclusive Playstation Funko Pops have been announced and released then have been in the last 5 years! It was announced yesterday that more are heading our way and we can’t wait to add them to our collection.

First up from Death Stranding we have Mr. Higgs Monaghan and man does it look amazing! Though we wont be coming out till the 10th December, he will be a great addition to the already announced Sam Porter Bridges Funko Pop coming October 26th.

Next, we have more additions to the God of War series with the amazing and crazy Brok and Sindri. These Brothers were hilarious to listen to and very infomation during the game, but will look amazing standing next my other God of War series Funk Pops and actually are avaliable right now!

Lastly, we have Aloy and the Thunderjaw from Horizon: Zero Dawn coming to the lineup. Though Aloy will be a normal sized POP, the Thunderjaw is a Super-Sized POP and damn does he look amazing! only sad bit of news is that both will be released at differnet times. Aloy will be coming out The 10th of December (with Higgs) and the Thurnder Jaw will be releasing October 22nd.

Im very glad to see more Playstation POPs releasing and I hope they bring more out over the next year. You can check the all out at GameStop right now and you better hurry before there all gone! For more news, check back here at Cinelinx!