Mythbusters To Tackle Doom In Next Episode

The video got locked behind an age gate for some reason, but unlike the game Mythbusters will not be exploiting the monsters of Doom. I bet they probably are not even opening portals to Hell, but then again it is the Mythbusters and they are trying to break the myths of the greatest FPS title ever. Doom!

They will for sure be asking if a person can really hold a bunch of health packs and weapons, and how much they can move around with them. Based on the trailer they will be asking how a person can walk through a dark scary hallway too. The producers note that they will use Doom 3 BFG edition for inspiration, and who knows what else will come of it!

The only bad news is that so far it seems we won’t get a hint of Doom 4 at all during the episode…. seems that golden opportunity is being wasted! We want more Doom!