Namco Reveals Star Wars: Battle Pod Arcade

[Update: The trailer for the game has now made its way online!  

Original story and details follow.]

After a bunch of teasing about an all new Star Wars arcade game, they’ve finally announced, Star Wars: Battle Pod, which will be using “panoramic optimization display technology” in order to immerse arcade gamers deep into the experience.  

The game will incorporate a number of scenes from previous Star Wars films that will allow you to relive iconic moments and, thanks to the new display tech, make it feel like you’re part of the films.  Everything from Endor, Hoth (because you can’t have a Star Wars game without Hoth apparently), the Death Star, and more will be featured in the game.  You’ll be piloting a variety of vehicles from the looks of it, including iconic X-wings and Speeder Bikes, all contained in this dome like straucture, that’ll give you a full view of everything that’s happening…Hence the “panorama display”.  

Based on the trailer (which we hope to have an official version of shortly), it looks like you’re basically in the “cockpit” of whatever vehicle you’re flying.  So it’s a fligth/vehicle sim at it’s core, and there’s nothing wrong with that when it comes to Star Wars.  Those type of games tend to work out the best and bet he most fun!

The arcade is set to launch in North America sometime in January 2015, and will feature more stages (including some speical bonus ones) not shown at the event.  In short, it looks like you’ve got some time to save up all the quarters that you’re going to be pumping into this machine.  At least I know I will!

[The story is currently in progress, so more details are coming soon, so be sure to keep with us as we’ll update with more!]


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