Namco’s Star Wars: Battle Pod Begins Releasing Today, New Details Revealed

Get your quarters ready folks, as the Star Wars: Battle Pod is starting to roll out across North America.  The new acarde game will put you in the cockpit (and in panoramic view) of some of the most iconic vehicles from Star Wars, and fight through battles in the movie, and ones created just for the game.  On top of announcing the roll out of the machines, Namco also announced some details on new levels in the game.  Check it out: 


Star Wars: Battle Pod features a special dome shaped screen that surrounds a player’s field of sight, controller and seat vibration synced with the action taking place on screen, special air blast technology that simulates wind that’s felt during flight, and 5.1 surround sound. All these features come together to provide the most cinematic Star Wars™ arcade gaming experience possible to fans.

Today additional information is revealed about the HOTH and VADER’s REVENGE stages in Star Wars: Battle Pod. The HOTH stage is taken directly from Star Wars™: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back™ and places players on the icy planet with an impending attack from Imperial forces. Players will find themselves in the pilot seat of a snowspeeder; their mission, to repel an Imperial forces attack on the Rebel Alliance base and provide air support to ally cargo ships as they escape to safety. The action in this stage is frantic and exciting filled with sights and sounds that Star Wars fans are sure to recognize and enjoy.


The VADER’s REVENGE stage presents an original storyline exclusive to Star Wars: Battle Pod. This special level places players in the role of Lord Darth Vader himself as he pilots a TIE Advanced fighter, a special variant of the famed TIE fighter. In this special mission, players are tasked with preventing the Rebel Alliance from seizing a secret superlaser from the remnants of the destroyed Death Star. Players will feel the visceral challenge of flying through the debris of the destroyed Death Star while engaged in intense battle.

The official release of Star Wars™: Battle Pod™ begins today, January 23, in the United States.

Well, guess it’s time to check out your local Dave & Busters (or wherever else they may pop up)!  Let us know if you find one and tell us all about it. 


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