NBA 2K16 Releases First Digital Short Highlighting Stephen Curry

What is really cool about this trailer, is that it isn’t like any other trailers we’ve seen before for sports video games.  This one actually uses footage of Steph Curry from his younger years to now.  I suppose that’s what happens when Spike Lee is the one putting together the video content for this game.  Lee has always had a remarkably well done flair for the dramatic. This digital short, as they’re calling it, is no different as Lee narrates how everyone doubted Curry through the years and how, through hard work and dedication, he showed them how wrong they were.

Furthermore, this short also gives us our first, albeit brief, look at the upcoming game.  We’re given brief moments of Steph Curry yelling, knocking threes, and hustling around the court.  As this is just an initial trailer to highlight Curry, there isn’t much to be said about the gameplay.  They’re only showing us what they want us to see.  However, Curry’s graphics look good, he’s got that trademark mouthguard hanging out of his mouth just before he shoots a free throw.  That’s about it though.

In an effort to “Be the Story” 2K will be releasing two more shorts profiling the other two players Anthony Davis and James Harden, and with them we’ll be able to see more and more gameplay footage.  Hopefully then, we’ll get a better picture of NBA 2K16 before its release on September 25th for those who preorder and the 29th for everyone else.

What do you think of the digital short?