Apparently NBC Destroyed G4 For No Reason After All

The good news? G4 will remain G4. Instead the even less popular “Style” channel will be the one switching to Esquire. G4 was supposed to be destroyed back on April 22nd, but it was delayed a week prior and now permantly staying as G4. At least for now.

The anticipation for Esquire was not well accepted at all. NBC cancelled the two remaining gaming shows, even though they promised gaming content to remain, and fans were in outrage. On their Facebook page, they announced the name will be changing, along with a new website, and followers were jumping ship in the thousands the day it was supposed to change. The Facebook is still merged with Esquire, but according to the search feature very few people like G4TV still.
According to the Facebook page, Esquire is still set to launch in September sometime.

According to the news, G4TV will remain “as it is” for the time being. Which means tons of Cops re-runs and nothing about gaming, and this is where my problem is. G4TV lost control of its audience long before NBC was dumb enough to shove Esquire on it. G4 used to be about gaming, gaming culture, and tech news. What happened?

My problem with this is that the internet is pushing cable aside. G4 itself was pushed off many major cable providers (including DirecTV) due to low demand. Yet that “low demand” was not due to it being a gaming channel. It was due to it being a pretend gaming channel.

Looking at Youtube some of the most succesful channels on the website are “lets play” channels. I believe the gamer “PewdiePie” (which I’m a fan of) has the most subscribed channel, while another gamer “UberHaxorzNove” (also a big fan!) has one of the most viewed channels on the site. Both of these guys, and hundreds of others, are making tons of money, and Youtube itself is profiting off it.

So my question is, why are TV execs not smart enough to try and help transfer this over? Gamers love watching gamers. I’m not saying turn G4 into a user controled channel, I’m saying bring gaming content over in ways no other cable station ever has. Gamers love talking about games, learning about games, seeing new games, and there is no lack of content here at all.