NCSoft Steps into the RTS Genre with Project G

Game developer NCSoft has revealed their first ever RTS game, Project G, which brings classic gameplay to their MMO pedigree.

I love RTS games, though I’m always a bit wary when the MMO aspect is thrown into the mix. It’s a genre that seems perfect for the format, yet most attempts have…not been great. That said, I’m hopeful for what NCSoft is doing here with Project G. For one, it looks gorgeous, and they certainly know enough about MMOs to be able to pull it off.

Project G is the company’s first real-time strategy (RTS) game, coming to global players. This brand-new IP is currently under development as a strategy game set in a massive-scale war. Each player will expand by accumulating limited resources and will also make use of different tactics in territory conquests between guilds.


Project Director Minseok Seo said, “Building an RTS title upon NCSOFT’s advanced technology accumulated with MMO-based massive-scale battle system, we aim to create unprecedented scale and quality that have not been witnessed in any other strategy games.” He also added, “Players will be able to experience the quintessence of strategy games, coupled with various units and worlds unique to Project G, making the gameplay itself the fun factor for the players.”

No idea when the game will be released, but it is set to hit both PCs and Mobile platforms.

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