Never Released Crash Bandicoot Level His Crash N’Sane Trilogy

Activision announced at Comic Con today that a level was designed and created by Naughty Dog, but cut from the original games and never released. The level, titled Stormy Ascent, has now been released on the PlayStation store for all players to enjoy.

The DLC is listed for $3, but currently it is free for all owners of the trilogy, for 30 days. After that all players will need to puchase it.

Video of the gameplay was also released, as seen below, but Sony and Activision are touting how diffucult the level is. This is supposedly the reason it was cut from the original game, being too hard to complete, but it also will be extra challenging for players of the trilogy. The developers have noted how hard the trilogy seems to be for many players, but they currently have no plans to make it any easier.