New Cities: Skylines Expansion Brings the Pedestrians

Players will be able to take their city management skills to another level soon, with the arrival of Cities: Skylines – Plazas and Promenades expansion!

The next expansion to Cities: Skylines has been revealed, and puts the focus on pedestrian interactions. With the inclusions of new pedestrian only streets, modern plazas, and car free areas, you can build the “green” city of your dreams.


Cities: Skylines – Plazas and Promenades key features:

Pedestrian Streets: let your citizens walk freely on pedestrian-only streets! Place them in your city like any other road and create new green city centers free of most vehicles and pollution.


Pedestrian Zones and New Policies: activate three zone-specific policies for your city including Slow Driving: all roads in the pedestrian zone, except highways, get a speed limit of 20 miles/hour. Sugar Ban: increases the average lifespan of citizens in the pedestrian zone but decreases their happiness. Street Music: increases happiness and noise pollution in pedestrian commercial zones.


District Specialization: we added 3 new district specializations: offices, high-density residential areas, and high-density commercial zones. Setting a specialization on a district affects all zoned squares in that district that will spawn buildings with a different visual appearance and a gameplay effect. Each specialization features 24 new modern wall-to-wall buildings!


City Service Buildings: service buildings are important, but how about awesome-looking service buildings? Connect them to pedestrian zones by matching their visual style and provide services that contribute to good happiness values.

Accompanying the release of Plazas and Promenades are two content creator packs and two radio stations.

Inspired by the American design movement of the same name, “Mid-Century Modern” by Rev0 grants players sleek and stylish residential growable buildings.


“Seaside Resorts” by Gèze brings the spirit of the classic seaside resort towns, boulevards and piers that flourished in 19th century America to Cities: Skylines.

This pedestrian-themed expansion will hit PC, Epic, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 simultaneously at a suggested retail price of 14.99 USD / 12.99 GBP / 14.99 EUR

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