New Details and Gameplay for Ghost of Tsushima Revealed

This afternoon brought an all new PlayStation State of Play video focused on the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima, giving us our best look yet at the game.

If I wasn’t already hyped for Ghost of Tsushima, just on being the next game from Sucker Punch studios, then today’s State of Play presentation would have absolutely sealed the deal. Seriously, it look all kinds of amazing with some fun, immersive, gameplay and features:

The game itself transports us to an open world setting (thankfully it will include fast travel) and will utilize natural cues to help guide gamers to specific points of interest. For instance, the way the wind blows (or increases), smoke, and even animals can lead you to new locations and discoveries.

Among some of these other features is the ability to play the entirety of the game with a black and white filter, along with a Japanese voicetrack! So it’ll really feel like you’re playing through an old-school samurai movie, while still managing to look incredible. It seems like a superfluous thing, but damn is it cool and add some neat aspects to it.

The combat and way our character moves around really reminds me of Assassin’s Creed, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. All in all, between the gameplay, customization, and it’s overall look, Ghost of Tsushima looks like it’ll bring the goods to PlayStation gamers looking for something to play after The Last of Us Part II.

Ghost of Tsushima arrives on the PS4 on July 17, 2020.