New Devil May Cry 5 Images, Trailers, and Info released ahead of Tokyo Game Show!

Tokyo Game Show 2018 is officially underway and we have a big reason to be excited that it is here. Yesterday, Capcom revealed two new Devil May Cry 5 Gameplay trailers and yes, the demon hunting family is back and better than ever. In the first trailer, you will see Nero using Mega Man’s, Mega Buster as a Devil Breaker Weapon! This Mega Buster comes with the Deluxe version of the game along with three other weapons and looks to be something very enjoyable for not just Devil May Cry fans but nostalgic Megaman fans as well.

In the second trailer, finally get Dante gameplay and boy does it look gorgeous! We see Dante use Rebellion, Ebony and Ivory, and Cavalier R which is a motorcycle that split in half to make two huge blades! That’s amazing and all, but then we see Dante take on a Demon in full Devil Trigger and I losing my shit over here! The graphics and overall gameplay (from what we have seen so far) are looking to be the best in the series and I can’t wait to dive head first into this game when it releases.


We also see the return of Trish and Lady. . . but if I am not mistaken, I think we just got confirmation that Vergil will be coming back as well! Not only is the character at the end of the trailer called V, but in leaked gameplay, we see a blue hooded figure take Nero’s arm and turn it into a Katana that looks just like Yamato (Vergils Katana).

To sum it up, I am very excited for the release of this game. In the next few months, we will be doing a GamePlay Corner of  Devil May Cry 4 to pump up the release of the game! Devil May Cry 5 releases March 8th, 2019 for PS4, Xbox, and PC! 


The city’s gone to hell and back, completely overrun by demons from the underworld. Turns out, it’s not just Red Grave City in trouble. They’re everywhere. In Devil May Cry 5, legendary demon hunter Dante teams up with fellow demon hunter Nero and weapons artist Nico to push his investigation and extermination techniques to the limits. In a new trailer released today, see Dante back in action with his trusty sword Rebellion, guns Ebony and Ivory, and an utterly insane motorbike that splits at the handlebars to create twin blade weapons. Catch all this and much more, including a glimpse of Dante pulling his Devil Trigger, in the trailer featuring Dante’s most over-the-top action gameplay in series history.

Nero and Dante take on the hellish onslaught to get to the root of the mystery behind the blood-sucking demon tree Qlipoth at the city center. Joining them are beloved series heroines and partners Trish and Lady who make a grand return. The full game will feature three playable characters each with their own radically different gameplay style. Play as Nero, Dante, and the newly introduced V, a mysterious new client for the “Devil May Cry” office that speaks in poetic verse. More will be revealed about V in the coming months.