New Fire Emblem For 3DS Showcased At Nintendo Direct

Whew, it seems while everyone was avoiding the internet for April Fools day, Nintendo was busy making real announcements for all their games. We talked about Pokemon and Amiibos, and now we have something for the new Fire Emblem!

The new trailer was showcased during the Nintendo Direct presentation, that video was the portion cut from from the reveal. (You can watch the full thing below)

According to Nintendo, this will be the first game in the series that allows the game to revolve around the player you create and build. Instead of being some side character in the game’s universe.

You will get the chance to work with one of two sides, the peaceful Hoshido or the war-like Nohr. The game will then evolve based on your faction and how you play. Hoshido will be easier and more like a regular Fire Emblem title. The opposing side will be more complex and require more skill to get the story done properly.