New God of War In Development

During the Playstation Experience, Sony had a History of God of War panel where gamers could ask the Creative Director, Cory Barlog, questions about the God of War series.  During this panel, after frequent questions about a new game, Barlog caved and confirmed that a new God of War game is indeed in development.

Furthermore, Barlog answered that this is not going to be another prequel.  Instead, there are rumors that this would potentially be a reboot to the entire series.

Barlog would not confirm whether or not Kratos would be involved in the game.  That isn’t to say he won’t be in the game, but more than likely the statements of a man trying to get away from saying anything else about the game.

Note: Barlog did say that he was not supposed to reveal that this God of War game was in development so anything could happen between now and an official statement.

However, with this announcement, our minds are going wild with what this could mean for the franchise!  Would it be possible to make a God of War game without Kratos?  What could the reboot mean for the series?  Will the Gods and Titans still be benevolent beings fighting for control of the Earth?  Are they just doing a reboot because they couldn’t figure out where to go after Kratos essentially destroyed the Earth after 3?  

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