New Harvest Moon and introduction to the Indie Program on deck for Natsume at E3

Natsume announced the lineup of games that will be shown at E3 and it includes a mix of old and new titles that will be available on the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch.

“We are excited to announce a new Harvest Moon game and reveal a first look at its gameplay and features at E3 2019,” said Hiro Maekawa, President & CEO of Natsume, said in a press release on Thursday. “Fans might be surprised at what we have in store for Harvest Moon this year. This different take on the Harvest Moon experience will let players enjoy the classic features of the series in a new and exciting way!”

Natsume didn’t include many details other than the game will be titled Harvest Moon: Mad Dash and the title will be available on both the PS4 and Switch.

I’m over here trying to extrapolate what Mad Dash could mean as a “different” and “exciting” new way to experience the series and, outside of horse drawn carriage races, could there be some sort of competitive, online experience to be added? Or will it be another mad dash away from a Natsume-developed installment in the Harvest Moon series? We’ll learn more on June 11 at E3.

Also releasing on both consoles is Reel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure, a game where players set off on an adventure to learn about a mysterious fish from a man in a museum. (No, really.)

“After meeting a mysterious man at a museum, three college friends set off on a summer road trip to find the elusive fish he mentions to them. But what’s the story behind this fish? And for that matter, who’s the man who sent them on their adventure in the first place? He certainly is a unique individual, to say the very least! In any case, working together, these friends will unlock all these secrets and more in Reel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure!”

Natsume will also be featuring Cosmic Defenders, the first title in the company’s Indie Program. The game, launching on the Switch, is a fast-paced 2D revolving shooter about a group of unconventional heroes that is tasked with using the power of nature to save the universe.