New Humankind Trailer Shows Off New Gameplay and Player-Created Avatars

Revealed this Summer during Gamescom, SEGA has brought a new trailer for their upcoming strategy game, Humankind, to The Game Awards. 

I was really impressed with Humankind’s reveal this past August, and after tonight’s new trailer for the game, I’m more excited than ever before:

In Humankind, you’ll be combining different cultures as you progress through the eras to create a civilization that’s as unique as you are. Your goal is to accumulate as much fame – or infamy — as possible. The journey matters more than the destination, and no great deed will go unnoticed.

Ever since we trumpeted the news of our Humankind game in August at Gamescom, we have been fielding questions about “Who will we be playing? A king or queen from history?”

Today you get the answer—you will be playing an avatar that you create, that you customize, that you will lead to have the greatest impact on Humankind!

Your Avatar—no, it’s not blue and nine feet tall—will evolve visually over the course of the game according to the way you play, the achievements you earn, and the way you develop your cultures and your civilizations.

Level up your leader via a meta-progression system to unlock custom looks and more that you can show off to strangers, pals and frenemies alike in multiplayer matches up to 8 players.

While we still don’t have a release date for Humankind, SEGA promises more news on the title is coming soon in the New Year.