New Kingdom Hearts III Gameplay Overview Details New Keyblade Powers

It’s surreal to believe that we’re just a few short days away from experiencing the long-awaited 3rd Kingdom Hearts game.  Yet, that’s the reality we live in and it’s a darn good one.  As Square Enix ramps up to its release, they’ve issued out a new video to give fans a glimpse into the changes that have come to the Kingdom Hearts III gameplay.  Spoiler alert: Your Keyblade is much more of a summoning tool than ever before.

Welcome to the world of KINGDOM HEARTS III and Sora’s epic journey to restore light to the worlds and attempt to finally defeat Master Xehanort, the real Organization XIII, and the darkness that threatens all!

It’s become normal for Square Enix to improve and innovate on the gameplay with every new Kingdom Hearts game.  After the first game, which was more of a hack-and-slash, Kingdom Hearts II adopted a delegated button-system to employ epic finishing maneuvers.  Even the portable games changed throughout the years, with some employing a striking system to others that *shudder* used cards.  So, making your keyblade become a tool for creating iconic Disney rides is just another fun, interesting tool that should leave the forces of darkness quaking in their boots, or searching for a way to acquire a fastpass.

Kingdom Hearts III releases January 29, 2019!