New Leak Shows Assassin’s Creed Origins Releasing This Fall

Ubisoft‘s higher-ups can’t be happy this week.  On the precipice of gaming’s biggest week of the year, yet another leak has surfaced for the next game of their flagship series, Assassin’s Creed: Origins.  Early in the week, Target was to blame for the first leak.  Today, GameInformer has those honors as an upcoming edition of the gaming magazine found its way onto Reddit and then Imgur.

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The images are, of course, grainy but what we can tell from this image is our hero standing on top of the Great Sphinx of Giza looking out at its Hawk friend with the Great Pyramids in the distance.  Next to the Sphinx reads Assassin’s Creed: Origins with a faded tagline that reads, “As an Empire Falls, A Brotherhood Rises.”

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While that picture was great to see, it merely established that this is an upcoming edition of GameInformer.  This picture provides, a great deal, more information, specifically a release date.  Faded underneath “The Brotherhood Begins” has a date of October 27, 2017.  Below the date are several tabs for Bonus Content.  The circled tab is for the Bonus Mission, Secrets of the Pyramids, which coincides with the previous leak.  The next few tabs include a Gold Steelbook ($109.99, includes Steelbook, Deluxe Pack, and Season Pass), Gold Edition ($99.99 Deluxe Pack and Season Pass), Deluxe Edition ($69.99 Deluxe Pack), and one more that’s too faded to discern.

All of this may be fake, but the level of detail is hard to deny.  October 27 is a Friday, not necessarily the day most games come out, but I’ve seen enough games come out on that day to merit consideration.

Nevertheless, Ubisoft cannot be happy that their biggest game is getting leaked so much.  Even so, Ubisoft has so much more content they’re planning on showing at E3 2017 that all this will become a distant memory.

Ubisoft’s #UBIE3 is being held on Monday June 12 at 1pm PT at the Orpheum Theatre.  Keep an eye out on the Cinelinx HUB to follow the Cinelinx team from the Orpheum Theatre floor!