New Legend, Weapon, Ranked Mode Coming to Apex Legends Season 2

Respawn took the stage at EA Play 2019 to update the Apex Legends fandom of new changes coming to Apex Legends Season 2.  They debuted a new legend, new weapon, a Ranked Mode, and a release date.  Full details below…

If you’ve been playing Apex Legends since Day One (like yours truly), you’ve probably grown tired of the lack of new content.  At EA Play 2019, Respawn announced that they’ve heard your pleas and have designed tons of new content for the second season.

Season Two of Apex Legends will be called Battle Charge and will release on July 2, 2019.  With it comes a brand new battle pass, but they’ve made some modifications.  Rather than making players play countless hours to level up their battle pass, Respawn has decided to go in the direction of a Challenge-base Battle Pass.  There will be Daily and Weekly challenges that will help you level up to 100 quicker.  Plus, challenges stack so if you’ve taken a break from Apex Legends, you can still level up quickly.

Apex Legends Season 2 will also see a brand new Ranked Mode added to the playlist.  In Ranked Mode, Legends will progress through 6 tiers from Bronze to Apex Predator.  The better you are, the closer you’ll get to Apex Predator status, which will net you better rewards at the end of the season.  Furthermore, matchmaking will be based on your tier, making each game in Apex Legends more challenging than the last.

With the new Battle Pass comes 4 new Legendary Skins, including Caustic’s wicked “Prince of Darkness” skin, seen above.  Octane will receive the Jade Tiger skin, with the other two to be revealed at a later date.  Legendary Skins weren’t limited to Legends, though, plenty of new skins are coming to the weapons, including R-301, Spitfire, and many more.

Speaking of weapons, Respawn also unveiled a weapon that’s new to Apex Legends, but familiar to Titanfall 2 fans.  In Season 2, legends will be able to acquire the incredibly powerful L-Star Plasma Fueled SMG, via care package.

Respawn also announced that notably weak weapons like the Mozambique would now be usable, as Season 2 will roll out two new Hop Ups.  They didn’t say what the Hop Ups were, but just said it would give them a boost.  Thanks Respawn!

While they didn’t show us everything for Apex Legends Season 2, Respawn did leave us with two final things.  First, there will be map events coming to King’s Canyon, which may include massive creatures.  Second, the 10th legend was revealed to be Wattson.  This is her story:

Wattson is a fascinating character because her existence creates some much needed lore for Apex Legends.  In this trailer we heard the name “The Syndicate” which seems to be a nefarious order we’ll learn more about later, but the coolest piece of information is that Watson and her father designed the Apex Legends arena.  Plus, every legend knows and respects Watson, which should make for some interesting banter.

I absolutely loved Wattson’s gameplay, as well.  Her tactical ability is to create defensive fences that will cause damage to opposing players and send an alert to the team when an enemy has crossed through one of them.  She can throw out 12 nodes at any point.  Thus, creating barriers and save havens for your team.  Wattson’s support style doesn’t stop there, either.  Her Ultimate Ability throws out Interception Pylons, which charge team shields, supercharges tactical abilities, and it doesn’t go away until it’s destroyed.  That means, you could theoretically build an entire grid of Interception Pylons.

The best part is, she does it all with flair and whimsy that is simply delightful.

Wattson, the Ranked Mode, new Weapons, Skins, and Battle Pass arrive on July 2, 2019.