New LEGO Star Wars Game In The Works (Possibly for This Year)

While Star Wars Celebration has been a hub of major news all weekend long, an offhand comment made during an interview has revealed a new LEGO Star Wars video game. 

It’s been a while since the last LEGO Star Wars game, which covered the events of The Force Awakens and arrived in the middle of 2016. Since then, and despite multiple cartoon seasons (of two shows) and several more movies, we haven’t seen another LEGO Star Wars game…

Fortunately it looks like that’s changing soon:

The information comes from one of the many off-panel interviews that have been conducted live by the Star Wars Show, where Matt Wood, the Supervising Sound Editor at Skywalker Sound let knowledge of the game slip out. What’s most interesting here, is that he does so while listing out various projects coming out in 2019.

Sure makes it sound like we could be seeing a new LEGO Star Wars game this year, or early next year. Hopefully it’ll cover the recent films, or just be a full Sequel Trilogy game. Sadly, the info about its existence is all we have at the moment, but if it’s coming out any time soon, hopefully we’ll get some official announcement in the next few months.

What LEGO Star Wars game are you hoping to see?

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