New Live Action NHL 16 Trailer With Kevin Smith; Ryan Getzlaf

The new trailer highlights the fans from all over that enjoy the title and how people can play differently. The game is all about working as a team, obviously, but takes it to new heights.

In NHL 16, you play together and win together. When you step on to the ice to play as one, amazing things happen. Plays are remembered, legacies are built, and hockey lore is written by the teams willing to put it all on the line, shift after shift. Because no matter how great an individual is, a great team will always triumph. After all, there’s no “I” in hockey.

The trailer of course features a few stars. Kevin Smith has been known to be a big hockey fan so it’s cool to see him get in on the fun! NHL 16 comes out next Tuesday, but Xbox One owners can get in early with 10 hours of free game-time via EA Access.

If you haven’t already, this is also a fun video to watch. It features NHL rookies trying to guess what their rating is in the new game. Some results may be surprising!