New Multiplayer Trailer for CoD: IW Sabotage DLC Unveils New Maps

Starting today, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare players on Playstation 4 can begin pwning their opponents on brand-new maps, because Activision has just released the first DLC Sabotage!  In Sabotage, gamers will have four uncharted multiplayer landscapes in Renaissance, Noir, Neon, and Dominion.  To see them in full-force, watch the new trailer below!

These maps are only available to PS4 gamers, as they have exclusive early rights for CoD DLCs.  Xbox One gamers will have access at a later time.  Sabotage is just one of four DLCs Activision will release during CoD: IW’s cycle.

Additionally, along with voicing a character in the game, Kevin Smith will be hosting a livestream today from the Infinity Ward.  Plus, Detroit Lions Wide Receiver Golden Tate and Los Angeles Chargers Defensive End Joey Bosa will be playing Sabotage tomorrow from the site of Super Bowl LI in Houston!

What do you think about Sabotage?

To read the full press release, see below: