New Pokemon Details Finally Emerge

There was some leaked gameplay of Pokemon Go yesterday that you can watch below, but today Niantic and Pokemon Co. followed up with some new details and screens.

According to the new report the game will function much like a virtual real world Pokemon title. You can visit specific locations to get into a shop to buy Pokemon gear, but these shops are located near real world landmarks. (Museums, icons, etc) They didn’t list specific locations just yet.

Also interesting is that the type of pokemon that appears will vary based on your real world location. For example water based Pokemon will only appear near bodies of water.

Once you are near a Pokemon then your phone will vibrate alerting you to attempt to catch it. You can then toss a pokeball and use other items to help catch it. As you progress, your poke trainer level will increase allowing you to catch higher level pokemon.

Other details include:

-Pokemon will evolve if duplicate pokemon are caught.

-Poke Eggs can be bought and they will hatch after you walk a certain distance.

-There will be different challenges to complete, by completing them you will unlock rewards and badges.

-You can join “teams” and claim gym’s that are located at real world stops. Once you claim a gym your team can put in 3 pokemon, one per player. Teams will then work together to create a strong team that other players can challenge to take over the gym.

We also got to check out what the Pokemon bracelet will look like. This is an optional periphal to go along with the game, making access a little easier.


We also got some screens of the game below:




And for those that want to see the leaked gameplay: