New Sony 4K TV’s Super Thin And PS Now Compatible

The first gadget we want to show you? The new 4k TV’s from Sony. These TV’s have a few new perks to them beyond being, you know, 4K. They come with the new processor called X1 that will enhance color, contrast, and clarity of the 4K experience.Advanced “X-Reality” technology also further enhances the capability of the TV to upscale everything (including Blu-ray, broadcast, and internet video) into 4K resolution. Sound like typical TV talk, right?

Well here is where it gets fun. The TV’s are a new “floating” design, and did I mention the thinest TV’s yet? Sony mentioned they are a little over 4MM thick, and are thinner than their own Xperia Z smartphones. The setup also allows for end-to-end viewing, so no black boarder to hold it in place.

Wait, things get even cooler! The TV’s will come equipped with Google Android installed which makes them fully functional with an assortment of Google products. This includes funtionality with Android phones and even smartwatches. The Google Play store will be funtional as well, allowing users to play games or use apps they normally find on phones and tablets. Everything is even voice controlled to make it more fun.

Taking things further, the TV are capable of running similar to Chromecast allowing you to use all these devices to stream to or control the TV. The TV’s also come equipped with PlayStation Now (PS Now) which allows users to stream PS3 titles directly to the TV. You can play this easily as Dualshock 4 controllers are compatible with the sets.

The line up comes in sizes of 43 to 75 inches and there is a whole bunch of variations coming this Spring. There is no hint of how much these will cost just yet, which any CES follower will tell you means you can take off an Arm and a Leg now because it will be expensive.