New State of Play Broadcast Coming This Thursday

Sony has announced another State of Play event coming this week, detailing upcoming PlayStation 4 and PSVR releases, with a “tiny” bit of PS5 news.

This morning brings eager gamers news on Sony’s next PlayStation State of Play event. It will go down on August 6th (Thursday) at 1PM PT/4PM ET, but the company has already cautioned gamers not to expect any big PS5 news.

Instead the focus will be on upcoming PS4/VR titles (hopefully a release date for the Star Wars: Vader Immortal port), with some updates on 3rd-part/indie PS5 games. So yeah, we’ll get SOME PlayStation 5 gaming news (likely on stuff that will be on cross-gen titles), but we (probably) shouldn’t expect any major reveals.

Crazy to think that we’re now in August, presumably 3-4 months away from the next-generation consoles hitting store shelves, and we still have no idea on release dates or pricing. Something has to give soon, surely, as gamers will want to get pre-orders going and to know exactly how much they’ll need to save.

In the meantime, what do you hope to see featured in this week’s State of Play?