New Story DLC’s is Coming to Metro Exodus and their not About Artyom

 Deep Silver and 4A Games have announced two story DLC’s that are included in the Metro Exodus Expansion Pass. These DLC will release over the next year and will feature Colonel Miller in the first DLC “The Two Colonels” as he retraces the journey of Colonel Khlebnikov through Novosibirsk.

The Second DLC will be base on Sam, the only American team member of the Spartans. From what it seems, Sam was sent to the Moscow embassy right before the bombs were dropped. He will now leave the Aurora, find a way back to America with the hope of finding his family alive!

These both seem like great story driven DLC’s that I can’t wait to dive in to. The first DLC The Two Colonels will launch this summer, followed Sam’s Story which will launch early 2020. We hope to get more info on these DLC’s and will reach out to 4A Games to talk more with the team about what is to come for Metro Exodus.

While you wait for the DLC, please check out my review of the game, we loved what we played…but does it live up to the previous to titles? Find out now!