New ‘Stranger of Paradise’ Screenshots Introduce New Characters, Locations, & Scenes

With Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin being another month closer to launch, Square Enix and Team Ninja have released several new screenshots. The team of new screenshots introduces new characters, shows off fascinating new locations, and even previews events we’re in store for.

Below is a list of screenshots, followed by Square Enix & Team Ninja’s description of the image, starting with Characters:


This warrior holds the same unwavering conviction as Jack and his friends – that they must defeat Chaos. She joins the group on their journey.


The king of the dark elves, Astos lives in the Western Keep. It is said that he knows the location of the crystals. Although possessing a certain beauty, he carries an air of pestilence. He seems to know about Jack and the others.


This multi-headed monstrosity is the Fiend of Wind. It attacks directly using its long necks and tail and can also use wind-element attacks, Whirlwind and Tempest. One attack in particular you’ll have to watch out for is Macro Burst, where Tiamat’s breath radiates out from its multiple mouths.

Locations – The Western Keep

An ancient castle bearing the stark scars of war. This place shares a deep connection with a certain sovereign; a despot skilled in cunning and artifice, who took tyranny to its extremes. Watch out because as you explore the Western Keep, giant arrows will come flying towards you! You’ll need to be alert and avoid these as you make your way through.

Crystal Mirage

A beautiful, translucent tower that rises above the trees deep in the forest. There are many devices that react to magic, and it’s no small feat to reach the highest levels.

The Flying Fortress

As the name suggests, it’s a castle that towers high into the sky. Inside the fortress, there are lots of remnants of an advanced civilization, including mechanical contraptions. Apparently, the wind crystal can be found in the innermost area.

Event Scenes

Astos, the king of the dark elves, awaits the group in the Western Keep. He shows them a futuristic-looking map, appearing to be giving some kind of advice.

The party follows the directions, but at the destination lies the Fiend of Wind: Tiamat. Things are about to get very dangerous…

Look closely and you can see that Sophia possesses a black crystal – just like Jack and the others. What could it mean?

Job System

There are basic jobs like swordfighter and mage, as well as advanced jobs that are unlocked as you level up basic jobs. There may be even higher-ranking jobs waiting for you if you continue to level Advance Jobs.

By defeating enemies and levelling up, you will obtain Job Points, which can be used to learn new abilities and unlock new jobs in the Skill Tree.


Swordsman, Jack’s initial job, can equip a greatsword and excels at both guarding and attacking. Use the job’s unique action spinning slash to rotate your greatsword and perform a sweeping attack on enemies in a wide area.


A job that employs basic elemental attacks, using a mace as a weapon. Magic can be powered up depending on the length of the casting time; for example, from Fire ⇒ Fira ⇒ Firaga.


A job that specialises in using melee-range weapons, like claws and knuckles. The Pugilist action Explosive Fist can chain together hits on enemies and provide and increase in damage.

There’s a lot of really fascinating and intriguing tidbits of information in both the pictures and the captions attached to them. For instance, what is the significance of Sophia? Is it just me or does the woman attached to Tiamat look similar to her? Is there a situation there? Also, look at all these monsters? Is the Pugilist fighting a demon from Hellbound?

We’ll find the answers to those questions when Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin releases on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC via Epic Games Store on March 18, 2022.

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