New Third-Person Co-op Title Superior Joins Steam Early Access

Though we have seen some of the best AAA and indie titles release in 2022, some would say that concepts for video game stories and settings have become somewhat repetitive and stale.  Drifter, a studio formed by former Gears of War, Halo, and Doom veterans, has announced there newest title Superior had been release in Steam Early Access.

Superior is set in a universe where the once great Super Heroes of this world have changed into monstrous enemies of humanity. You play a Hero Hunter and your goal is to stop these once glorious heroes before the destroy all of humanity! Now this is a concept for a game that I can get behind, with rogue-like gameplay, action,  and co-operative play, this might be one of the more exciting indie titles on the market right now! Check out the trailer below!

Superior Gameplay Features:

Customizable Characters – Each character has their own play style, distinct advantages, and unique skill tree. All can be upgraded through play.      

Boosting Abilities – Every session players earn XP and unlock new skills and overdrive abilities, like satellite death beams or stealth mode.  

Weapons – Start your run with lower-level weapons like pistols and a baseball bat. As you run-and-gun, pick up more powerful equipment, such as grenade launchers, railguns and plasma blasters.

Superpowers- Dozens of powers are available player to unlock and unleash:

Fire – burn enemies as you leap into the air on jets of fire, or launch fireballs

Ice – create ice sheets for speeding up allies and cause chilling damage through ice spikes

Force – use force fields that deal damage, create explosions and knock enemies back

Xeno – An alien goo that swarms to your aid in combat and allows you to shape-shift at will

Volt – Control electricity and transform into a being of pure energy

Epic Boss Fights – Square off against 6 unique ex-superhero bosses, and an army of their henchmen. Each character unleashes their own brand of super-powered chaos, from force fields to fireballs.

Dynamically Changing Experiences and Worlds – Players encounter new challenges and monstrosities in their mission as they fight through hours of dynamically changing environments. Mission objectives, routes, and adversaries are also dynamically reconfigured, with new content revealed as players progress through the challenges.

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