New Trailer and Dev Interview for Last of Us 2

This trailer is a bit brutal so I need to preface that before you watch. The teaser at E3 is nothing like this. First off, who are these people? We hear the term clip her wings so I’m pretty sure these are Fireflies whom we know Ellie has every intent of killing and after this “Clip her wings” scene you see why they need to die.

So we have a character Yhara, I know that couldn’t be right, that needed to be hammered for info, pun intended, for information on an apostate. So as I was saying to my fellow contributers Who the hell are these people? Well getting into the other video we see that while we can expect to see Joel and Ellie we’ll be seeing some other folks affected by the events from the other game. I can see these people joining up with Ellie and Joel for some Firefly killing as there are quite a few of them. Look for more news as it develops and look for Last of Us 2 no release date announced as of yet. 

-Jason The X

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